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The Team in Oosterhout


Eric Dingemanse - Site Manager

'The Mac Man'

Every company prefers that one guy that has seen it all before. Eric knows everything about the world of food & water testing.
And his Mac of course.

Despite the fact that he is the longest employed SYNLABler in the office, he is always the first when it comes to implementing the latest technologies and techniques. With the help of his management team members he makes our dreams come true. Back in the day he was convicted to stuff Bill Gates invented. Present days he is addicted to Apple. Mac on, dude!

René van Bergen – Sales Manager

'Mr. Blackberry'

With his deep understanding of our customer needs backed up with over 20 years of experience he adds value to the service we provide and he sells.
Whenever a customer has a problem he always finds a good analytical solution.

So if you like the simplicity in doing business with us you know who to thank. But did you know that his Blackberry and René are almost inseparable.
Letting go of his “pocket office” is therefore very uncommon for him.

Sales team

'The Dream Team'

These people know the market inside out and are working at the centre of it. Apparently everyone wants to do business with SYNLAB Analytics & Services Oosterhout B.V. & Water and that’s why we receive quotation requests all day, every day of the week.

With their bright and well organized work set up however they handle and response to you with the speed of light (figure of speech of course ;-). They also are a team of very nice persons. Do you want to meet them? Then reply now by sending an email to you‘ll have a big change in getting an appointment with one of them.

Emile Kuijpers – QHSE Manager

'The Quality Guru'

Emile is the kind of guy that every company needs in order to survive. He is the go-to man when it comes to statistics, analysis and regulations. A guru, by definition, is a good person, a wise person and a teacher. A quality guru is all of these, plus has a concept and approach to quality.

As you are reading this he has probably already found and analyzed some issues regarding your results and is smoking a cigar outside. He loves it when a plan comes together.

Sylvia van Duijnhoven – Finance Manager

'Euro Queen'

Sylvia may look like the girl living next door, but really, this gal is a total machine! She is one hell of a financial tigress. Because of her tight Dutch financial management approach we consider ourselves as a “Triple A” company.

Oh yeah and we should mention this; “Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.” And bear in mind to be nice to her and pay in time as she holds the black belt in taekwondo.

Rob Kapteijns – Team leader logistics

'Road Runner'

This man cannot be stopped! Not only is he probably one of the strongest of SYNLAB Analytics & Services Oosterhout B.V. & Water, but he is also our team leader logistics. Rob makes sure that everything works concerning our logistical service. And if there is just one mistake in the planning, he would tear everything into pieces and start all over again.

Nevertheless, Rob is still one the nicest and easygoing guy you could ever meet.

Sample registration

'The Registry Masters'

Sometimes the people from this department are dreaming in code and speaks in tags. Give them a pc and enough candy and snacks for a few days and they will register huge loads of samples.

When things get difficult, they always seem to find a way out, apparently stress is an unfamiliar phenomenon to them. That is probably the reason why they smile all the time :-)

Customer Service & Support

'CSI Oosterhout'

Did you ever get to know the people on the other side of your support ticket? Meet “CSI Oosterhout”, our support team. They are responsible for all the things that normally cause us headaches: reception, phone calls, mail, reminders for illegal parking and much more. And they are also helping out with all the things that we (and you :) forget, don’t understand, never knew and forget once more all the day. They are diligent, fast and always friendly. We say thank’s to them for answering all the questions through our Action Manager. No, they really cannot tell you which came first; the chicken or the egg? Yes, we will send you a mail as soon as they‘ve found out.
Lonneke de Wijs – HR Manager

'The Dutch Ellen MacArthur'

We are constantly searching for new talent to realize our next big idea and we hired Lonneke to do the investigative work. Everyone wants to work at SYNLAB Analytics & Services Oosterhout B.V. & Water these days. She receives piles of applications per month, but her bright eyes always find the right one. She puts crowd in all sails in order to follow the strategic goals that SYNLAB has in mind. She also loves to sail.

Do you want to hear her tell about her sailing adventures? Then apply now by sending an email to and maybe you‘ll be lucky enough to speak with her during an interview.

Marcel van Praat – IT Manager

'Mr Googlehead'

Marcel has become indispensable to us, because he maintains all of our IT issues and of course the user interface for all of our services which you all know as the “Client area”. He manages all your data in the background, so you’re able to view your results the way you like. Without him you wouldn’t even be able to look at this page.

Our people often say: “If your problem has a plug, call Marcel”. He’s the person you want on the corner of every desk, so your problems will vanish into thin air.